Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ubuntu Install From USB

    Download Syslinux, which is the bootloader we will be using to make the stick bootable. Just get the latest version in zip format, and extract it to the Desktop – right-click, select 7-zip, then extract to syslinux-7.1.1 (or whatever) and then rename that folder to “syslinux”.
    Open a command prompt (on the Start Menu under Accessories, or run “cmd”) and cd to the syslinux folder:
    cd Desktop/syslinux/win32
    Run this command to install the syslinux bootlader to the thumbdrive:
    syslinux -ma f: (where f: is the letter of your USB thumbstick)
    Now we need to extract the Ubuntu ISO – Right click on the ISO file, and select 7-zip/extract to ubuntu-8.04…

Drag all of the files you just extracted from the ISO into the empty USB drive.
Move everything from the isolinux folder into the root of the drive. So, if your USB thumbdrive’s letter is F, as in our earlier example, move all the files from F:\isolinux\ into F:\
Rename the isolinux.cfg file to syslinux.cfg
Eject the drive, insert into the computer you wish to install Ubuntu onto, and boot!