Sunday, 23 September 2012


Account Name : docomo divein
Proxy address:
port :8080
Data bearer : GPRS/ Packet Data

Free BSNL 3G Internet

Service Type : WAP
Gateway IP : 1
Port no  : 9209.
Timeout: Never

APN setting :

it's working in some states.....

Balance Transfer in Vodafone,BSNL,Idea,etc..


Just Type the Sms as GIFT MOBILE NO AMOUNT and send it to 53733.
Ex ;- Type GIFT 9408730260 55 and send it to 53733 .
55 Rupees of Balance is Transferred.
 This trick  is useful to transfer/exchange balance between your friends.

Vodafone :=

E.x:- *131*50*9408730260# 

To Transfer Balance In Uninor Just Dial *202*MobileNumber*Amount#.
E.g. *202*9408730260*30# To Transfer 30 Rupees.

How to change your folders background

  • Have the Folder you want to put the background on open!
  • Open up Notepad, then simply paste in this code: 
iconarea_image=***Picture Location Here!***\***Name of File!***
  • Go to your picture (the picture you want to use!) and right click and select properties and find the file location & copy the location!
  • Now go back to ur text document (notepad) and where it says ***Picture Location Here!*** paste the location...u copied in the previous step!
  • Now after u've done that where it says ***Name of File!*** type the name of the file including the .jpg .bmp .bip. jpeg etc
  • Save the text document as "desktop.ini" be sure to remember the .ini extension! click Save as "All Files" not "Text Document" and save the document in the folder where u want the background to be!
  • Now just close the folder and open it again it should show the picture as a background!