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Saturday, 4 February 2012

How to download whole website for offline use using single command in LINUX?


Many of you have thought that if i could download whole w3school website or other tutorial site on my computer then it will be super duper thing..

so lets do it.

1.Open your linux terminal by pressing ALT+CTRL+T.

arpan@arpan-NV44 ~ $ wget -r [website_address]

FOR MORE INFO ABOUT WGET COMMAND PUT “man wget” in terminal without quotes. will be saved in home folder with folder name site which you have downloaded.
To access site :Open index.html or index.php

How to know Internet usage of any process in Ubuntu/Mint/Debian?

To know,which process is using your internet in your system hiddenly then you have to follow below steps.

1.Install nethogs tool by putting this command into terminal.

    sudo apt-get install nethogs

2.Then you have to use it.
put this commands to check internet usage of the processes.

                   sudo nethogs [connection_type]
[connection_type]=ppp0 for mobile internet,eth0 for broadband/ethernet,wlan0 for wifi internet
example: sudo nethogs ppp0