Friday, 3 August 2012

Deodexed firmware for Samsung galaxy sl i9003

Here is the Download Links: - 104 MB (new) - 104 MB (new) - 100 MB (new) - 104 MB (new) - 117 MB - 117 MB (116.1 MB)

New Link to DDKP2 Deodex File: Link2 (115.11 MB)
Deodex_XXKPQ Credit: Manrock

New Link to XXKPQ Deodex File: Link2

Deodex_XXKPN Credit: jZanetti (113.5 MB) (108.26 MB) (117.01 MB) ( 107 MB) Updated

Delete unwanted Apps (202.52 KB)


Other CF-ROOT's

For Flashing XXKPM (Via ODIN)
1. Flash xxkpe pit,apboot,pda,phone,csc.
2. Falsh xxkpm (pda)

For CWM Recovery and Rooting:
3. First Install CF-ROOT. Pl. refer to the CF-ROOT link. Flash it through ODIN as pda.

For De-Odexing:

4. Copy the to the root of the external SD card.
5. Go to CWM Recovery mode and flash the zip.6. Done De-Odexing.
7. Reboot (Delete does not work without rebooting after de-odexing)8. Flash from CWM Recovery to delete unwanted apps.