Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Free Online Alternatives To Expensive Software

Google Docs/Drive
Google Drive provides a feature-rich interface for text, spreadsheets and presentations. You can open documents saved in your Gmail inbox or create a new one online. You can also collaborate real-time with colleagues on a document. All documents are automatically saved in your Google Drive cloud storage space.
Microsoft Office Web Apps
Microsoft also offers a free online office suite for SkyDrive users — the interface will be familiar to users of MS Office. You get 7GB of free cloud storage to store your documents. You can create or upload Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as OneNote files to SkyDrive and edit them. Documents can be shared and you can select which users can edit the document and if it is mandatory for users to sign into their Microsoft account to access the document or not. 
Zoho Docs
Zoho's office suite includes support for MS Word, spreadsheets, presentations as well as databases and reports. Like the other two office suites mentioned above, this one also supports real-time collaboration but in addition offers various other integrated services. With a single account, you get access to mail, chat, calendar/planner, invoice generation, as well as a CRM (customer relationship management) system.
Filelab products work better with Google Chrome and you need to download a free plugin first. Once y ou start, you get support for multiple video formats and HD resolution. It offers all the basic editing controls to trim, cut and merge. You can also add creativity to your video with multiple effects. There are over 50 transition effects available along with the option to overlay one video on top of the other. You can define transparency, add audio tracks and then watch a live preview right in your browser window.

Video ToolBox
This editor supports editing of the most common file formats and also lets you convert from one format to another. You can add watermarks, merge videos, extract audio, take screenshots or remove unwanted parts of a video. It also gives you 1GB of free cloud storage. 
YouTube Editor
Youtube offers a powerful online editor that lets you trim videos, merge multiple videos into one, add transitions, stabilise video or add a soundtrack of your choice. It also automatically suggests corrections and effects if your videos are not up to the mark. 
Photoshop Express
If you need to do just basic image adjustments and manipulation, Adobe's own online photo editor is great. You get basic editing (crop, resize, rotate) as well as a few adjustments (white balance, soft focus, highlight) options. Various effects to enhance the picture are also available. Once done, images can be saved to your computer or shared on Flickr, Facebook or Picasa. 
With this online editor, you can create a new image, upload one from your computer or open any image from a URL. The interface is similar to Adobe Photoshop and you get all the usual tools as well as support for layers. You also get various filter effects, levels, curves and exposure controls. Images can be saved to the computer or to online services like Flickr/Picasa. 
Splashup has a similar interface to Photoshop. Apart from your PC and from a URL, it also supports importing images from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and can capture an image from a webcam. Like Pixlr, it lets you work with layers to add various filters. However, it does not have advanced editing options such as levels and exposure control.
Music Creation
SOUNDATION STUDIO (www.soundation. com) offers advanced tools and effects that you would only get with professional music studio software. You launch the studio right inside your browser window and it also includes over 600 free audio loops and samples that you can start with. A free account lets you save and publish as many songs as you want, but if you want recording, you need one of the paid plans.
3D House Planner
HOMESTYLER ( is a free and easy-to-use house planner. You can use it if you are planning on building a new house or even just redecorating. Homestyler lets you easily create a layout, add furniture, landscaping and experiment with paints, textures and different lighting for your room. You can easily view in 3D and share with friends too. 
PDF Tools
A SUITE of no-nonsense PDF tools can be found at (to remove restrictions from PDFs), www.pdfmerge. com (to merge multiple files into one), www. (split one file into multiple) and (add password protection). At www.pdfaid. com, you can choose from a variety of web tools for watermarking, image extraction, rotation, compression and conversion. Note that some of the tools imprint a small PDFAid logo on the final file.
Speech To Text
RATHER THAN use expensive dictation software, just head to You need to download Google Chrome first because it doesn't work too w ell on other browsers. Make sure your microphone is working and click the green microphone button to start the dictation. It works pretty well if you speak clearly and the conversion to text is almost instantaneous. 
Optical Character Recognition
AT, you can convert a scanned document, PDF file or an image (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF) to an editable text file. First, complete a quick sign-up. If you are scanning, make sure to do it in 300dpi. Upload your document, select your preferred output format and you're done.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

New Wireless Packet Trace Format in NS2

New Wireless Packet Trace Format can be activated by adding following TCL statement in the simulation script :

$ns_ use-newtrace

The new wireless trace format is as follows:

<tag> <tag_value> [-<subtag> <subtag_value>]

where <tag> is a one-letter or two-letter option tag, indicating the meaning of the following <tag_value>. Optionally, <subtag> is the subtag whose value is specified in <subtag_value>. The list of option tags and sub-tags as well as their meaning is given bellow :

General Information :

-t  Time

Node Information(-N?) :

-Ni  Node ID
-Nl  Trace level : AGT/RTR/MAC 

-Ne  Energy Level
-Nx,-Ny,-Nz,-Nw  Node Cordinates

IP Information(-I?):

-Is  Source Port
-It  Packet Type
-If  Flow ID
-Iv  Time to live
-Id  Destination Port
-Il  Packet size
-Ii  Unique ID

Next Hop (-H?):

-Hs  ID of this node

MAC Level Information(-M?):

-Ms  Source Ethernet Address
-Md  Destination Ethernet Address
-Mt  Ethernet Type
-Ma  Packet Transmission Time

Application information-ARP (-P arp -P?):

 -Ps   Source address
 -Pm  Source MAC address
 -Po   Either "REQUEST" or "REPLY"
 -Pd   Destination IP Address
 -Pa   Destination MAC address

 Application information-CBR (-P cbr -P?):

 -Pi    Sequence number
 -Pf          The number of time this picket has been forwarded
 -Po   Min. number of hops to reach the destination as indicated by GOD. The default value when GOD is not in use is -1

 Application information - TCP(-P tcp -P?):

 -Ps   Sequence number
 -Pf    same as that of CBR
 -Pa   Acknowledge number acknowledgement number
 -Po   same as that of CBR

Consider Following Example for explanation of this Format :

 s -t 31.000000000 -Hs 0 -Hd -2 
-Ni 0 -Nx 19.36 -Ny 17.32 -Nz 0.00 -Ne -1.000000 
-Nl AGT -Nw --- -Ma 0 -Md 0 -Ms 0 -Mt 0
-Is 0.0 -Id 1.0 -It tcp -Il 40 -If 2 -Ii 3 -Iv 32 
-Pn tcp -Ps 0 -Pa 0 -Pf 0 -Po 0

  • At 31 second, this record traces Node 0 at the agent AGT level. 
  • Node 0 is located at the coordinate (19.36,17.32,0). 
  • The reasons string (i.e., -Nw) is empty. 
  • The record does not trace the node energy level (-Ne -1). 
  • The packet is sent from the address 0 port 0 to the node with the address 1 port 0. 
  • The packet type is “tcp” whose size is 40 bytes (i.e., this is the SYN packet). 
  • The flow ID is 2. The packet unique ID is 3. 
  • The time to live is 32.
  • This packet has never been forwarded before. The number of hops to destination as indicated by GOD is zero (i.e., GOD is not active).

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Difference Between Virus,Worms,Trojan and Spyware

We all have heard the terms Virus,Worms,trojans and spyware but only a few of us know the difference between them.We genreally consider everything that is detected by an antivirus as virus but this is not the case.The antivirus not only provides protection against viruses but it also protects us from trojans,worms and spywares.All these can be harmful to your computer hardware and software.Today I will differentiate all these terms from each other .

Ok lets start from the introduction of viruses

Virus :- A virus is a self replicating program that attaches itself to an executable file.When the file is executed the virus automatically gets executed and enters into system memory .Once it enters into system memory it either searches for other files that can be infected or stays in the background and infect the files that are uses the virus infected program.

Worms : Worms are very similar to viruses but differ in way that they donot bind themselves to executable files instead to replicate themselves they uses the network.If you find excessive use of your network bandwidth then you may be infected by a worm.So,a worm donot require a user to execute any file for its execution it can work without user intervention.

Trojan Horse :- A trojan horse is harmful program which may seem harmless to the user before its installation but instead it is programmed or reverse engineered to facilitate unauthorised remote access to the computer.Trojan’s donot replicate themselves.

Spyware :- A spyware is a program that secretly monitor and collects pieces of information.They usually run in stealth mode and cannot be detected easily.Keyloggers is a great example of spyware software.These are not limited to just spying but can also send data to remote computers .

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Apache Hadoop

Hadoop, an Apache open-source project, is a framework written in Java for running applications on large clusters of commodity hardware and incorportates features to manage unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data.It is a collection of open-source components built on top of a distributed file system that was designed specifically for very large-scale data operations.

Apache Hadoop detailed Presentation . Download it here. if you want more material then post comments...

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